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How Duct Cleaning Helps


Duct cleaning is not something you should only do when a problem arises. In fact, regular professional duct cleanings offer many benefits. It helps to keep harmful and irritating contaminants out of your indoor air and it reduces the workload on your home heating and air conditioning system.  That means fewer repairs down the line and can even add years to the life of your system. When your comfort system does not have to work as hard, it uses less energy and prolongs its mechanical life span. Duct Cleaning is a cost efficient way to keep your home healthy and comfortable.

Recognizing Duct Problems


Dirty air ducts will cause all sorts of problems for you and for your home comfort system. But if you are not familiar with the warning signs, you may overlook or misinterpret them. It’s easy to misinterpret many of these warning signs to mean that there is a problem with your entire home heating or cooling system. Luckily, dirty ducts are easily diagnosed and addressed.

You should certainly call for a professional to come out and take a look at your duct system if you notice that your home comfort system is not heating or cooling your home as effectively as it once did.

When dirt and debris backs up in your ducts, it unbalances the airflow and even blocks it in extreme circumstances.  This can lead to both a drop in overall system efficiency and an inconsistency in heating and cooling throughout the house. These may be the types of problems you would be inclined to ignore, but that will not make them go away. Duct cleaning is easy, so don’t let this turn into a serious problem with your system.

Duct Cleaning


The air ducts in your home are probably not something you spend much time thinking about. After all, they are tucked neatly behind the walls and under the floors and silently carry heated or cooled air from your home comfort system to the various living spaces in your home. This is a very important job, though. In fact, without good ductwork, your home heating and air conditioning system would not be able to do its job at all.

So it should come as no surprise that taking proper care of your ducts has a significant impact on the performance of your home comfort system and the overall quality of your indoor air. A big part of proper duct maintenance is making sure that your air ducts are clean and free of debris and build up.

There are things you can do on your own to help keep your ducts clean, but because the duct system in your home is likely so far-reaching, you typically need the services of a professional to complete the process. OC Home Services provides duct cleaning services to homes all over the Eastern Shore and Lower Delaware area and would be glad to assist you with keeping your ducts clean.

A Full Service Experience


When you choose OC Home Services to help you improve your indoor air quality, you’re getting more than just a high quality system. You’re also getting the commitment to customer service and attention to detail that have been the hallmarks of our company since we first opened our doors.

We know our continued success is due to satisfied customers like you and we don’t want to do anything to jeopardize that relationship. We strive to give you only the best in terms of parts, systems and services from day one, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have along the way.

You’ll also benefit from our extensive experience with this type of equipment and installation. All of our technicians are up to date on the latest developments in the field and they have access to all of the necessary tools and equipment to carry out this type of installation.

Our commitment to you doesn’t stop once we’ve completed the installation of your indoor air cleaning system. We’ll be happy to come back for annual maintenance visits, as well as to troubleshoot any problems you’re having and carry out emergency repairs. Help is only a phone call away.

Indoor Air Quality


There is nothing more important than making sure your family is safe and comfortable in your own home. Of course you have the best doors, windows, locks and alarm systems in place just for this purpose. You also probably have a central heating and cooling system to keep the indoor climate consistent and comfortable year round.  OC HomeServices is here to make sure the quality of the air in your home is maximized for your family’s health and quality of life.

Did you know there are pollutants that are floating around your house right now? What will stop them? No matter how much you clean your house, there will always be dust, allergens and other particles that make their way into the air. They have varying effects on members of your household, depending on personal sensitivities and allergies.

If you want to do something about your home’s indoor air quality, just give us a call today. We offer an extensive variety of home air cleaners and air filters that can almost entirely eliminate these types of particles from your indoor environment. And if you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for, our expert technicians will help you make an informed and productive decision based on your particular needs.

 Indoor Allergens and Germs


Getting rid of allergens in your home is often a major concern. Whether they take the form of dust, pet dander or some other substance, allergens can make people with allergies miserable. Installing an indoor air cleaning system can help to end that suffering by eliminating up to 99.97% of particles measuring 0.3 microns or more in size.

Germs are another major issue when you’re trying to make the air in your house safe for everyone to breathe. They can lurk in the ventilation system of your house and easily spread all over from there. However, by using UV Germicidal Lights, many indoor air cleaners are able to kill these dangerous microbes before they have a chance to make your family sick.

Odors and Smoke


Pet odors, cigarette smoke and cooking smoke can also linger and become an irritant if not addressed appropriately. Smoke especially has a tendency to coat and discolor all the surfaces of your house, on top of making it unpleasant to breathe in general.

These too can be eliminated with the installation of one of our top of the line air cleaning systems. No matter what particular contaminant you’re concerned about, you can rest assured that the system we install will remove it quickly and easily, improving your indoor air quality.

Indoor Air Quality Specialists
24 Hour Professional Heating & Air Conditioning Services
24 Hour Professional Heating & Air Conditioning Services
24 Hour Professional Heating & Air Conditioning Services
24 Hour Professional Heating & Air Conditioning Services
24 Hour Professional Heating & Air Conditioning Services
24 Hour Professional Heating & Air Conditioning Services
24 Hour Professional Heating & Air Conditioning Services
24 Hour Professional Heating & Air Conditioning Services
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